back view of plane with sunset

Aircraft Sales

Maverick Air Center offers buyer and seller broker services for a variety of aircraft, including single-engine piston planes, corporate jets and helicopters.

Our services for aircraft sellers:

  • Travel to you for a consultation
  • Visually inspect your aircraft
  • Review logs and documentation
  • Research history of the aircraft
  • Take digital photos for marketing materials
  • Market the aircraft in multiple publications
  • Research the current market to determine your pricing options
  • Initiate appraisal if necessary
  • Coordinate with all interested parties

Our services for aircraft buyers:

  • Travel to the aircraft on your behalf
  • Visually inspect the aircraft you are interested in
  • Coordinate questions and requests with the seller
  • Research the history of the aircraft
  • Review logs and documentation
  • Research the market for pricing guidance
  • Make offers on your behalf
  • Prepare all contracts
  • Assist in arranging pre-purchase inspections
  • Initiate escrow upon an executed letter of intent (LOI)
  • Coordinate the purchase all the way through closing
  • Assist with binding insurance

Maverick is uniquely positioned with extensive aviation experience and resources to offer both buyers and sellers the client-centered experience they deserve.

For more information, please contact Mike Christianson at (605) 312-5651 or (605) 366-5996. Email him at michael.christianson@maverickaircenter.com.